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I’m ready for a new kitchen – Where do I even begin?

Image: Wellborn Premier series Milan door style in a shadow charcoal finish

If you are like me, you spend your evenings being less productive than maybe you should swiping through apps like Pinterest and Houzz getting inspired by beautiful pictures and dreaming of all the amazing things you could do in your own space. I am a person with great passion for design, I grew up in a family that created beautiful spaces with their hands. From a young girl I was consumed with design and knew exactly what a liked and what I didn’t. At the age of six I would play decorator with my younger cousin and force her to listen to all the ways I would redecorate our grandmother’s home given the opportunity. A little odd for six probably but the love of design is just in grained in me. Even I who am engulfed in design everyday – kitchens especially can find myself struggling to decide on my own projects. I end up with inspiration overload.

These sights are amazing for helping you decide What style you like. Yes, there are many people if ask the question- What is your style? Would not be able to put it into words, but a picture “is worth a thousand words”.

Before meeting with customers to select their cabinetry I almost always ask them to create a Pinterest board or Houzz board for their project, a visual wish list of sorts. This is a great exercise for them to get their imagination flowing and to begin to see trends in what they are selecting it is also incredibly helpful for me to learn about not only their style but how they will function in their space. People not only pin what they think looks pretty they will pin or save pictures based on how the photographer has poised the room to function.

If you find yourself all over the board from ultra-contemporary to rustic that’s ok. Go back after a day or so and edit your boards, if you still are drawn to multiple styles write down what about each picture you love. I bet you will find deep down it is a function, a common layout, lighting or just the fresh new feel all the pictures have in common you are drawn too.

Once you have done a bit of dreaming homework on your own it is time for us to get together. We will sit down together and begin putting those dreams and wish lists to paper.

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